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Mengeham Rythe Sailing Club Newsgroup

Mengeham Rythe Sailing Club has set up a newsgroup (sent as an e-mail) for members only. It has been set up to increase awareness of forthcoming events, both sailing and social, and other club matters. Members who join the newsgroup can leave it at any time.  

The newsgroup is not a substitute for the Club’s website, but it is another and more instant way for MRSC members to send information to all members. The whole success of the newsgroup depends on members joining and submitting items. 

The service is hosted on Yahoo Groups and is free and secure.  

To join send an e-mail from your preferred e-mail address to  

When you have joined you will receive an automated acknowledgement from Yahoo to which you have to “Reply”. The automated acknowledgement will offer you two ways to respond. ignore the first option which is complicated but “Reply" using the second option.  

Once you have joined you will receive copy of all postings and can post messages yourself, via a moderator, though you may need to check your "spam" folder regularly as depending on the level of your Spam setting, posting may slip into this area.

You may also receive daily updates about the number of members who are joining the group. This is fixed by Yahoo as the default option but you can choose not to receive the daily updates by clicking on the link "Unsubscribe from the Updates Email" at the bottom of the e-mail addressed "Updates in Your Groups".

If you change your e-mail address you can unsubscribe this address by sending an e-mail to .You can then re join the group with your new e-mail address. 

Once you have joined the newsgroup you can post items on the MRSC Newsletter by e-mailing the group moderators .  

Please make sure that the item has a heading ie “Dinghy Sailing News”, “Cruiser News”, “Social Event” etc, it covers just one topic and that your name, as the sender, is in the e-mail. Please be aware that when you post an item on the MRSC Newsletter your e-mail address will appear to other members of the group. Please adhere strictly to the following information policy:

 Information Policy

Postings must be:

  • factual

  • not a discussion forum

  • news announcements about club events or club members

  • covering one topic at a time.

  • short and precise and without attachments (the newsletters will not support attachments or photos)

  • Not items for sale

Once you have joined you can visit the MRSC newsgroup on the web by going to:

The use of Yahoo Groups is subject to the following condition: .