Pontoon Booking calendar

The pontoon is a much utilised “club asset” and to assist in its use and enable members to see at a glance if berths are free we have developed a Pontoon Booking Calendar.

The Booking Calendar only needs to be used for the 3 outside berths of the pontoon when required for more than a single tide. It is not necessary to book the pontoon to loading/unloading,

How to use the calendar:
1. Open the Members Only section of the website Members log in
(you require a password to access this area which can be given to you by Membership@[club email address] 2. Click on Pontoon Booking Calendar and click on the date that you wish to book
3. Type in your name, boat name and indication of approx time of leaving
4. IN the notes section, please explain if an extended stay is required for serviceability problems etc It may be requested at a busy period, that the vessel move to Coles Quay if it is available.

In consideration of those MRSC members with a “deep draft”, all “shallow draft” vessels and RIB’s make use of the inside berths of the pontoon in the first instance, unless previously arranged for MRSC training/Junior Week etc.

This calendar is not being used as a monitoring tool for any purpose, it is only an aid for MRSC members who wish to make use of the pontoon facility.

In busy times, “rafting” will be on a “first come” basis with coordination being made with the vessel already alongside, with the rafting member adding a note to the calendar.

Please, no more than 2 on a raft..There will always be an ad-hoc situation where, if the pontoon is not already occupied, a vessel can use the vacant space but, they should check on the calendar for any imminent arrivals and if free make a retrospective calendar input if the stay is for more than one tide.

If a berthing request is not to be used for any reason, please  remove it from the calendar as soon as possible..